If you enjoy the outdoor interests such as fishing or hunting, you will be excited about a heating vest. Nordic Heat provides over five hours of pleasent heat on a windy or even frozen day.

Nordic Heat softshell vest -

A heated vest from Nordic Heat makes the fishing trip more comfortable.

Hour after hour with the fishing line in the water and nothing else to think about than the next fish on the hook. But if you start to get cold, your thoughts are more or less about getting inside and get warm again. If you belong to those who enjoy the outdoors like anglers or hunters, you know that pleasure can easily come to an end when the cold comes sneaking during the cool periods of the year. And you’ve probably thought of the idea that someone should develop clothes with the option of turning on the heat.

And that is exactly what Nordic Heat has done. A collection of clothing, consisting of vests, jackets, base layer, gloves and soles, has become a huge hit among us in recent years. The clothing is optimal for, for example, anglers for three reasons: Heat, freedom of movement and quality.

Press the button and you can focus on your hobby
The clothes from Nordic Heat have built-in heating zones, from which the heat spreads to the rest of the body. For example, the vest is designed with three heat zones where thin carbon fibers are woven into the fabric on the chest and back. These areas are central to our body temperature and well-being. In addition, this location is optimal in terms of circulation of heat to the entire body. A single push of the control button on the chest of the vest and the battery start to heat the fine carbon fibers. You notice the result in a few moments: a warm and comfortable heat from the vest warms your cold body. A great easy way to extend your fishing trip – let your mind revolve around fish instead of the cold wind.

No more layer-on-layer clothing
Dressing for the weather is always the best but in practice something of a challenge in the changeable weather. The layer-on-layer method is completed with a good, solid padded jacket. After all, you are very quiet on a fishing trip, and therefore the clothes are absolutely crucial to the good experiences. The problem is that one can easily feel like a Michelin man and wander around with several layers of clothing. But with a heating vest, you can skip multiple layers of clothing and maybe just leave the padded jacket at home. Great freedom of movement is a must in nature. Not least for anglers and hunters who need to be warm and completely ready when the animal shows up.

Too much clothes can ruin the pleasure
A softshell or quilted heating vest is made from a high-tech material that is both breathable and flexible. The vest acts like a windbreaker and is at the same time water repellant. In other words, you get exactly the quality you expect from your outdoor clothing. With Extreme Comfort Technology, the traditional thick insulation is replaced with fine microfibre and thus allows a much greater freedom of movement than with traditional thick sweaters and jackets. Too much clothing easily becomes a hindrance to the active outdoor life. In itself, the heating vest is a comfortable middle layer – and if it gets cold, you turn on the heat. The temperature can be regulated in three stages with low, medium and high heat.

Quality clothing
As an outdoor person, the quality of clothing is crucial. It should work, and it should have a fit so you don’t notice you’re wearing it. The Nordic Heat clothing is designed and sewn to be worn – over and over again. The heating systems that make the fishing trip cozy and nice have not only been tested by lots of outdoor enthusiasts, the clothing itself is also manufactured so it can last for years. In fact, the supplied battery can be charged at least 500 times. And of course, you can buy extra batteries to carry in reserve.

Heating clothes
Nordic Heat has developed a range of high quality heated clothing that athletes and professionals demand from their clothing and equipment. The range includes men’s and women’s vests and a base layer, a two-piece long underwear, with built-in heating zones. In the base layer, the heat zones are distributed in the groin, on the knees, over the lower back, back and chest. As an angler or hunter, the base layer can be an excellent alternative to a heating vest if you want to have your custom-designed hobby clothing as the outer layer. The technology in the long underwear is the same as in the heating vest, where fine carbon fiber threads are woven. The temperature control button is located so it’s easily accessible even with a sweater or jacket on the outside.