With heated insoles in the boots and a Hand warmer in the pocket there's no more frozen toes and cold stiff fingers. The battery heated soles can easily be adjusted to your shoe size and connected to the Powerbank - which also can be used as Hand warmer. Nordic Heat' soles resists water and are ultra thin, but extremely effective against cold feet.

Pamper your feet with warmth on even the coldest day with battery heated insoles. Nordic Heat has developed soles with built-in heat in a technological material, which means that you do not destroy the heat function when you walk. The soles are connected to a powerful battery that also functions as a Hand warmer or Powerbank.

Heated insoles and Hand warmer comforts you when you are out in the cold.

We all know it: when the fingers and toes have become ice-cold, you might as well pack up and go home. Whether you are in the garden, going skiing or enjoying fishing. With a pair of heated insoles from Nordic Heat you are guaranteed a comfortable warmth to the feet on even a deep frozen day.

The soles are battery heated via fine-fine carbon fiber woven into the insulating material. You can use your own batteries or purchase the Nordic Heats powerbank that can keep your feet warm for up to eight hours. This battery is also a combined powerbank and hand warmer, so you choose whether it should help to warm your toes or keep your fingers warm. There is also the possibility of charging different electronic devices to your powerbank, for example, to charge your mobile phone while in the outdoors.

Turn on and adjust the heat with a single pressure
With a simple push of the battery control button, you can turn on the heat and adjust it from low temperature (40 degrees) to high temperature (50 degrees). You can thus be at the forefront and keep a low temperature already when you go out. Few moments later you will feel the beneficial heat spread to all toes.

With new technology it is now possible to manufacture soles with built-in heat completely without the risk of damaging the functions. The heated sole is made of an ultra-thin material with woven carbon fiber wire that keeps the whole foot warm. The soles are easily connected with a cable to the battery, which is fastened with a strap on the bottom of the leg. An extension cord is also included, if you prefer to have the battery seated in, for example, the belt strap or jacket.

Maximum enjoyment of a day in the open air
If you are a skier, angler, hunter, rider, garden enthusiast, craftsman or just enjoy the outdoors, you can look forward to hours of activities even in hard weather without having to stop because of ice-cold toes. Whether you have tried well-dressed winter boots, the cold come creeping so that you no longer can move freely. A pair of heat insoles in the boots, ensure the full benefit of an otherwise wonderful day in nature because you simply avoid getting home early with frozen feet.

  • SKI - In the lift on the way up the mountain, you seriously notice the cold attacking your feet and hands. With battery heated soles connected to a power bank that can also be used as hand warmer, you quickly get the heat back to the extremities
  • HUNTING - After hours hiding and waiting for the chance, the feet can become almost numb with cold. When you have heat insoles in the boots, you simply turn on the heat and the problem is solved - for up to eight hours. With a combined power bank and hand warmer, you can also give your hands a heat booster so you're always quick at the trigger.

Specialists in battery-heated clothing
Nordic Heat specializes in developing battery heated clothing of a high quality which craftsmen and professional sports practitioners expect from their equipment. Therefore, Nordic Heat has a constant focus on developing the products.

Battery with 3 in 1 function
When buying batteries for the soles at Nordic Heat, you get the powerful lithium-ion batteries that provide up to eight hours of warmth to the feet on a single charge, depending on the heat setting and mAh capacity. These batteries have more applications and are designed to also function as a hand warmer or power bank for charging electronic equipment such as a smartphone.

Adjust the sole to your foot
Nordic Heat heat soles are available in two different sizes 37 -42 or 42-47. 37-42 (Ladies) are 5mm narrower than 42-47 (Men). The soles can be cut to fit the individual's foot. If necessary, use the original sole of the shoe to cut. Nordic Heats battery heated soles can withstand water, but should not be soaked by washing. This is done by brushing them easily with a mild soap solution. Since the heat soles consist of fine carbon fiber wires heated by means of a battery, there is no electronics in the soles and the battery is similar to that on a mobile phone.

Your security is our highest priority
Nordic Heat has a great interest in your security. Therefore, our products are continuously tested, so we are absolutely sure that they comply with all applicable requirements and legislation. All our products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.

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