75-year-old Ellen Nielsen got a heating vest just to enjoy herself once in a while. To provide a pleasant warmth on the cold days of the year. But after a short time, the vest with built-in heating zones also toke away the pain that had appeared in her legs.

Ellen Nielsen is a pensioner and loves to take long walks. Three times a day and the trips combined are easily up to 8 kilometers in all kinds of weather, but a year ago she had problems with her legs.

“It was almost as if I got brick legs. They got very stiff, hurt, and I had to lean on the wall to get up. When I got my heating vest, I didn’t expect it to do anything for my body besides keep me nice and warm. But after a few days, the stiffness and pain in my legs began to disappear,” she says.

A Nordic Heat vest is designed in a lightweight material that is breathable and flexible. The ultra-thin carbon fibers woven into the fabric are heated by a small battery in the pocket. From the three heat zones, the heat spreads to the rest of the body.

“It’s like the warmth that the vest gives, is getting the blood flow out to and from the outer joints,” says Ellen Nielsen, who wore the vest as a regular companion all winter, because she didn’t dare run the risk that the stiffness of the legs returned:

“I walk a lot in hills and on rocks, where you need a good balance. This is not good, if the legs are not reliable. ”

During the summer, the vest only came into use occasionally, but when the calendar showed fall, the pains returned little by little. And then the heating vest came on again – every day.

“I was very surprised that such a heating vest could have a great impact on the body. My pain disappeared after a short time, and my experience with the vest is almost like having been blessed. Imagine if I couldn’t get out every day,” says Ellen Nielsen.

Another side benefit, in her opinion, is that she doesn’t have to put on so many layers of clothes when she goes out. A thin sweater inside and a light jacket outside are plentiful. First she turns on the heat completely until she is well under way, and then turns it down.

“So the warmth and well-being in the body continues for hours. I highly recommend a heating vest to others who want to do something good for themselves,” says Ellen Nielsen, who has just given her brother one.

“He plays golf and I’m sure he’ll enjoy a heating vest. At least he doesn’t have to put his jerseys on and off as he walks his rounds on the golf course. ”

81-year-old Allan Augsburg: The undershirt does wonders

For 81-year-old Allan Augsburg, a battery heated undershirt is an indispensable part of the winter wardrobe. Wearing this, he can now walk, which the severe pain in his back has otherwise prevented him from for many years.

Allan Augsburg has undergone some back surgery after the first in 1973, when he was treated for disc prolapse. In recent years, however, the pain has increased and they are spreading to the knees. As soon as he gets up, the problems begin. But he has eventually found some tricks to keep them at a distance.

“I found that when I was in the shower and let the hot jet of the shower land right there in the sore spot on my lower back – that was nice.”

But how could he take this relief out of the bath? After a little search, he found Nordic Heat, which specializes in battery-heated clothing, targeted outdoor people and craftsmen. But according to Allan Augsburg, the clothing is pretty brilliant for pain relief, too.

“I bought two underwear with built-in heat, and my pain was calmed down almost immediately. The pain never goes away, but I can stand for longer and go longer distances, ”says Allan Augsburg, who is pleased to be able to go on trips again as before with his wife.

“Otherwise, when we don’t travel to the south, I use my underwear every day. I have also recommended this heated clothing to several friends and acquaintances, because there are so many elderly people who get hurt in the lower back with age. “