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Green Jacket (7.4V)

NEW! Classic, quilted jacket with 3 heating zones (7.4V). This superb jacket in green 'Peach-Skin' material has the ultimate fit as the sides are made in an elastic material for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Smart feature: The light from the control button can be concealed with the build-in flap in the breast pocket. Including charger and rechargeable battery (7.4V).
3 in 1 Jacket

3 in 1 Jacket

The Ultimate 3-in-1 jacket (12V)! With a combination of light nylon inner jacket with 5 heating zones and a nobel softshell outer jacket, you can meet all seasons without freezing. Warm jacket and softshell in one - can be zipped on and off 3 temperature settings Heating zones on the back and on the chest Pocket-heating - regulated independently of the other heating zones (Dual-button function) More than 5 hours of heat on just one charge 100% wind- and water repellant Including charger and 26oomAh battery (12V) in pocket size - rechargeable more than 500 times Purchase extra batteries of 2600mAh or 5200mAh with a built-in power bank function for charging of mobile phone, etc

Lady Vest – Black quilted

Elegant and classic, with 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings. Including a rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger. Stay warm and focused when you are active outdoors - or even on a chilly evening indoor.

Lady Vest – Softshell Q – Black

Heating vest in black, softshell for ladies. With 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings. Included a rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger.

Lady Vest – White Quilted

White, quilted ladies vest with 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings.  Including a rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger.

Softshell Vest – Black

Heating vest in Black, Softshell for men. With 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings. A rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger is included.

Softshell Vest – Green

Heating vest in green, softshell for men. With 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings. Rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger is included.

Vest – Black quilted

Heating vest in black, quilted for men. Including a rechargeable 2600mAh battery (7.4V) and charger. With 3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings.  
From Brrr to AAhhh in just a moment. If you enjoy outdoor life at all times of the year, you can enjoy even more good hours outside with a battery heated vest. Three heating zones provides a comfortable warmth, even when you're out in cold or frosty weather. The control button lets you easily adjust the temperature at three heating settings to fit your activity level.

Highest Quality

Designed and developed in Denmark


7,4V & 12V

The higher the volt, the more heat


Temperature control

One button - 3 settings


Produced to last

Tested for professional use


Heat vests and jackets - perfect for outdoor

When the frost bites there is absolutely no need to sit inside and wait for milder weather.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (7.4V) and 5V power bank

For all vests, base layer, heat seat and green jacket.

Comfortable softshell material - green or black edition

Heating zones on the upper back and chest ?

Heating zones on the upper back and chest

Soft, quilted 'peach skin' material with elastane in the sides for optimal comfort and freedom of movement.

Warm vests in high quality and stylish design

When the frost bites there is absolutely no need to sit inside and wait for milder weather. With a battery heated vest you'll have a comfortable warmth for hours. With a simple touch of a button, a wonderful temperature spreads from the three heating zones in the vest and provides well-being throughout the body.

Powerful 7.4V battery in pocket size - with a 5V USB-output for charging mobile phone, etc

The lightweight lithium battery in pocket size gives you warmth for more than five hours on one charge depending on the selected heat level. The battery pack is no more than a small cell phone and can be charged more than 500 times. Extra batteries can of course be purchased, so you can have a spare in reserve if you are out for longer period of time.

  • Three heat settings
  • Heating zones on the back and on the chest
  • More than five hours of heat
  • Lightweight battery in pocket size - Rechargeable over 500 times

A warm vest from Nordic Heat makes outdoor living more comfortable and fun to practice when you aren't freezing. Battery heated vests give you full freedom of movement when you're active - and the built-in heating zones surround you with nice warmth when you need it.

Hunting or fishing can, for example, offer long inactive periods of time. And a golf match in the off season can be a fun but cold experience. However, with a simple push of the heat control control button, you will quickly notice the heat spread to the entire body. The warm zones of woven thin carbon fiber are located strategically on the chest and back, so they provide the best circulation of heat completely. This way you can stay warm and focused at all time.

Heat on demand

It is easy to adjust the temperature in the west with three different heat settings. For example, when you have been still for a while, you need more intense heat than when you move. The control button is very easy to operate on the front of the chest and easy to access even if you are wearing a jacket on the outside.

You both turn on the heat and adjust the temperature - low, medium or high - with a single press of the button. The heating zones react quickly to the selected setting. All are important elements when you are active in the outdoors, and probably the reason why the warm vests has become popular with many different groups of outdoor people such as:

  • Hunters and anglers
  • Divers, cyclists and horse riders
  • Gardeners and dog lifters
  • Craftsmen
  • Motorcyclists
  • golfers


With a heat vest you don't need thick layers
The Nordic Heat quality vest is specially designed to keep you warm in an interchangeable weather, where it can quickly go from hot to very cold. With the built-in heating zones in a thoughtful design made of a smooth, breathable and durable material, you will not have to cuddle up with several layers of clothing when you work outdoors in all seasons. The battery heated vests from Nordic Heat are available in a softshell and quilted model. Both variants are designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

Great freedom of movement and comfortable warmth
Choosing vests with built-in heat will give you full freedom of movement, as you do not have to dress in a large overcoat. With Xtreme Comfort Technology, the traditional thick insulation is replaced with ultra-fine microfiber. The warm vest is therefore perfect for those who want to enjoy nature - even when it's cold - without being hampered by thick padded jackets.

Series of Nordic Heat products
The heat vest is part of a series of outdoor clothing from Nordic Heat, which includes, among other things, long underwear, gloves, soles, hand warmer, hat and neck-buff. All parts are developed in a high quality that both craftsmen and athletes will expect from their professional equipment. Nordic Heat has added the interwoven heating zones as an additional dimension that ensures you the highest comfort and opportunity enjoy outdoor activities for hours.

Wash at 30 degrees
Both heating vest, gloves and base layer can be washed at 30 degrees - just remember to remove the battery. Hang to dry.

Safety is our highest priority
Your safety means everything to us in Nordic Heat. Therefore, we are constantly testing our products so we are absolutely sure that they comply with applicable requirements and legislation. All products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.

  • Baselayer
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Accessories
  • Vests & jackets