2-in-1 Head gear

From a hat to a neck-buff in a snap. When it gets extra cold just turn on the heat. With battery heated head gear you can easily adjust the temperature.

2-in-1 Head gear

From a Hat to a Neck-buff in a snap – you decide!
With this battery heated head gear, you can easily control the temperature and stay warm for up to six hours.

Included a rechargeable 1800 mAh battery and a charger.



From a hat to a neck-buff in just a moment – and turn on the heat when the cold starts to bite.

You can easily place the battery in the ‘turn-op’ of the back of the Hat.
Nordic Heat has developed this battery heated head gear especially for active people who wants to get out in all types of weather.
The fine carbon fiber woven into the hood 180 degrees around the head ensures the heat is evenly spread.

A neck-buff/hat is necessary if you don’t want to let the weather decide when to go inside. During the cold months, the body can not always keep you warm if the frost bites and the wind is blowing. The battery heated hat, which can also be used as a neck-buff, extends the amount of time you can spend on your outdoor activities. You simply turn on the heat when it gets cold around your ears or neck.

If you for example found a phenomenal fishing place, it’s a shame to go home when the fish have just begun to bite. If you play golf in open terrain, the chill can set in before you reach the last hole. With a soft battery-heated hat you can stay outside for hours after hours without freezing. Should you have a ride more on the motorcycle when the sun is shining, but the wind is cold, you can use the hood as a neck-buff and feel the heat spread from the throat and down the body.

Two-in-one headgear
The battery heated hat can be loosened at the top and used as a neck-buff. Whether you’re wearing the headgear as extra heat on your ears, forehead and neck or on the neck instead of a thick scarf, it’s easy to operate. With a simple push of the control button, you adjust the heat in three different levels. The lightweight battery is located in a holder on the inside and designed not to bother you in your activities.


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