Hybrid mitts with magnetic attachment

If you are looking for a superb winter glove, try these mitts that can open so your fingers are released for work, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc.

Hybrid mitts with magnetic attachment

Great winter mitts

Rechargeable batteries and a charger is included.

If you are looking for a superior winter glove, try these battery heated mitts. They can open so your fingers are released for work, hunting, fishing, skiing or the like.

3 heat settings – up to 5 hours heat. 100% wind and water repellent.

Please see the size guide under the section “Product Description”




Full freedom of movement – at work and at leisure.

The hybrid mitts can open up so you can have some or all of your fingers free. When opened, fasten the flap lightly with magnets built into the top of hand and thumb.
The heating zones are made of ultra-fine carbon fiber which are so flexible that you don’t notice them. These are located on the top of all your fingers and on the back of the hand so you experience the comfortable heat throughout your hand.

Press the control button on the upper side of the hand for 2 sec.
Press again to change the temperature:
Green light = LOW. Yellow light = MEDIUM. Red light = HIGH.

The mitts’ heating zones run for more than 5 hours on just one charge of the included 1800 mAh lithium-ion batteries, when you select the lowest temperature.

Comfort for the cold months

Turn on the heat in the gloves when your fingers start to get cold and stiff, for example, if you are out with the stroller, skiing or working. Thise gloves with built-in heat will become almost indispensable during the cold periods of the year.

Great freedom of movement

The thick warm gloves are made of a stretchable poly-spandex fabric with woven heat-conducting carbon fiber that are so soft that you don’t notice them – only the effect – and this ensures full freedom of movement in all fingers. Even in extreme weather conditions and in very strong cold, you can therefore keep your hands warm. You enable and control the temperature by simply pressing the control button.

One charge gives over five hours of heat

The heat is produced by the small, supplied battery, which is placed in a special pocket by the wrist, where it does not bother your activities. The battery warms the ultrafine carbon fibers that are carefully placed in the glove along the fingers and on the upper side of the back of the hand.
You’re guaranteed a comfortable temperature in the gloves for more than five hours on a single charge of the included lithium-ion batteries when you select the low temperature level.

Practical and smart solutions

The gloves are part of the Nordic Heat clothing series that specializes in developing battery heated clothing. The standard of all parts of the series must meet the high standards that outdoor enthusiasts, craftsmen and athletes always expect from their equipment when they have to perform.

Therefore, Nordic Heat has a strong and constant focus on equipping gloves, vests and insoles with built-in heat with new details that can meet the users’ wishes for the greatest possible comfort and freedom of movement in the clothes. Nordic Heat listens and learns from customer feedback to constantly develop new solutions that can make battery heating clothes even better. This applies in everything from the battery’s location, over fit to material selection, so the heating clothes is not only hot and practical, but also classic and smart.

Washed at 30 degrees

Both gloves, heating vests and underwear can be washed at 30 degrees – but be sure to remove the battery first. Should you get soaked by rain or fall into the water, the battery can easily handle it.

Ultra durable battery

Nordic Heat uses only rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which lasts for more than five hours per charge, depending on the heating level. It has an advanced built-in security chip that surveys the battery’s ability to either charge or give power, and it has a high developed technology that enables the temperature settings.

Xtreme Comfort Technology

With Xtreme Comfort Technology we have replaced the traditional thick, motion-absorbing insulation with ultra-thin microfiber, which provides high comfort and full freedom of movement.

Your security is our highest priority

Your safety is absolutely essential for us in Nordic Heat. Therefore, we continuously test our products to ensure that they comply with applicable requirements and legislation. All Nordic Heat products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.

Note – The order sizes are listed in men’s sizes and are translated below to women’s / EU sizes:

(Please note they are large in size)

Ladies:     S/M= 7/8  –  M/L=8/9 
Men:   S/M= 6/7  –  M/L= 7/8  –  L/XL= 8/9  –  XL/XXL= 9/10



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