3 in 1 Heating Jacket

This 3i1 jacket has 5 heating zones - including pocket heaters. You can adjust the heating in 3 temperature settings and enjoy outdoor life at all seasons

3 in 1 Heating Jacket

NEW !  The Ultimate 3-in-1 jacket

With a combination of light nylon jacket with five built-in heating zones and a nice softshell outside, you can meet all seasons without freezing.

  • Warm jacket and softshell in one – can be zipped on and off
  • Three temperature settings
  • Heating zones on the back and on the chest
  • Pocket-heating – regulated independently of the other heating zones
  • More than five hours of heat on just one charge
  • 100% wind- and water repellant
  • Including charger and battery (12V) in pocket size – rechargeable more than 500 times



When choosing a 3-in-1 heat jacket, there is absolutely no need to stay indoors. And you don’t need layers of extra clothes when you go out. The inner jacket has five battery heated zones that keep you comfortable for hours even in hard frost, and the outer jacket shields you from wind and water. The jackets can be used individually or combined into one. The jacket has a removable hood.

Two-piece jacket with heat inside
The heating zones consist of thin carbon fiber woven into the fabric and strategically located on the chest and back, where they contribute to the best possible circulation of heat. You can therefore concentrate on the task: your next stroke on the golf course, enjoy the silence and have a fish on the hook or cruise on your motorcycle. Once you get going, you can either un-zip the outer jacket or turn down the heat which can be adjusted to high, medium and low. As an additional feature in this 3 in 1’s, Nordic Heat has placed heat in the pockets, which are independently regulated by the other heating zones via the two-part control button. From the outer jacket you have access to the pocket heating.

The inner jacket where the heating zones are located are quilted and made in soft and very durable material, ‘ripstop’ nylon, which is also used in luxurious lightweight fabrics. The sleeves are finished with ribs, so the cold is also kept out here – and the heat inside.

The outer jacket in the softshell is breathable, wind and water repellant and designed in a classic cut with several useful details such as small and large pockets for the most important things on the trip. If it gets too hot with both jackets, the battery-warmed inner-jacket is easy to line off the softshell part.

  • Combine both jackets and turn up the heat for maximum heat support in severe weather
  • Take off the outer jacket when the wind is over
  • Turn up the heat of the inner jacket when the weather cold
  • Use inner jacket or softshell separately as lightweight outerwear

High comfort and full freedom of movement
For all outdoor people as well as athletes, the quality and durability are important in a jacket. The multifunctional 3 in 1 jacket holds the highest level in design as well as technology. In fact, the two elements are dependent on each other in Nordic Heat’s products, as the traditional thick outerwear insulation has been replaced with Xtreme Comfort Technology, the fine microfibers that at the same time provides comfortable warmth, high comfort and high flexibility due to the lightweight material. However, while avoiding layers of clothing during the very cold periods, you get full freedom of movement for your outdoor activities.

Small but powerful battery
A 178 gr. Lithium-ion battery (12V) in pocket size (8 x 6 x 2 cm) and a charger comes with the 3 in 1 heat jacket. The battery is placed in a specially designed pocket where it don’t bother. Depending on the selected heat level, there is enough capacity for the battery for more than five hours of heating and it can be recharged more than 500 times. If you need more than five hours of heat, you can of course buy an extra battery for backup.

Development based on experience
At Nordic Heat, we are constantly developing new solutions that make clothing with battery heated zones even better. For many years, we have listened to feedback from many, many athletes, craftsmen, divers and outdoor enthusiasts who use our heating-gear as an essential part of their wardrobe. Based on the evaluations we are constantly refining details that provide even better comfort and freedom of movement in clothes with built-in heat.

The heating system is washable
The battery heated jacket, like the vests, gloves, hat/neck-buff and Base Layer with heat, can be washed at 30 degrees gentle machine wash – just remember to remove the battery first. If you get soaked with water briefly, the battery will endure this.

Security has first priority
Your safety is very important and we are therefore constantly testing our products to ensure they comply with applicable requirements and legislation. All our products are CE and RoHS approved and are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory with high quality control.


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