Yes, the new XL battery that is included in the new Base Layer V7, fits all our other clothing, when used with a dongle/conversion cable.

A dongle can either be purchased separately or together with the XL battery.

The 2600mAh battery for the clothing is 7.4V, so this cannot be charged with a 5V USB charger, but with a 220V charger.

The new XL battery for the V7 Base Layer can be charged with a power bank, as there is a built-in ‘step-up in’ in the battery which converts 5V to 8.4V.
So now you can charge the big battery on the go!

Connected with our ‘Bridge Connection’/Split cable you can even use and charge two batteries at the same time.

Please note that the underwear/Base Layer, which is tight, becomes very hot at the high heat setting (RED). This setting is only intended to give a “shot” of heat now and then. Hereafter you should switch down to medium (yellow) or low (green), thus keeping the battery longer on a single charge.

Please remember that Lithium-ion batteries must always be stored in the cabin on board the airplane!

The clothes, with wires and electronics, on the other hand can be worn or stored as you prefer.

Hang to dry.

The clothing has an incorporated overheat protection (mechanical TPC) which automatically switches off the heat if the temperature exceeds 55° C.

Furthermore, a safety print in the battery switches off if a voltage change occurs in the clothes.

We recommend a maximum of 10 min. on the highest temperature (red)!

If the skin is heated up and therefore unable to receive more heat, it is important to turn down from the highest temperature setting (red) – otherwise you can get a burn mark! Holdning 55° C directly on to the skin for an extended period of time can have consequences, and therefore we do not recommend our clothing to be worn by children, people with disabilities and people with reduced skin sensitivity.

We ship to all countries within the EU.

We also ship to the UK. 😉

If you have a special request, please give us a call +45 2717 0000 or email:

Always remember to charge the battery completely before storage over a long period of time (eg summer). There’s a safety print inside the battery that uses a little power all the time, and if this power runs out, the safety print shuts down the battery for good.

However, ladies must choose a size smaller in the underwear than they normally use (as sizes are men’s sizes). Ex. lady size 38 / M = choose size 36 / S.

If you are between two sizes in the underwear, always choose the larger.

Should you have any questions about the sizes, please feel free to call or write us – +45 2717 0000