You sometimes need more than a good drive on the golf course to keep the cold away during the spring and fall months. A heating vest gives you heat with a single touch and thus allows you to concentrate completely on the next stroke.

Concentration and mental readiness are essential to a good day on the golf course. Therefore, even the slightest disruption can negatively affect how your game works. Like a biting cold that goes through the marrow and legs – or a bead of sweat on your forehead that tells you that you’ve been wearing too much clothes and therefore have gotten too hot, even though the temperature may not say summer. With a heating vest you can solve both problems at once.

The heating vest lifts your game – maybe

A softshell or quilted heated vest from Nordic Heat gives you a quick and easy way to get extra heat on the days when a cool wind is blowing or where the sun has not yet managed to push up the temperature on the golf course. With a gentle press of the control button on the chest of the vest you turn on and regulate the heat. With three heat settings you can find exactly the level you need. As soon as you get warm enough, you turn off the same button, so you avoid overheating when the swing sits exactly right and one birdie after another is noted on the scorecard. A charitable and comfortable warmth is a great help to lift the game on the golf course – and the rest you can take credit for yourself.

Too much clothing inhibits freedom of movement

Another challenge for golfers is often that the colder months cause us to put on too much clothes: there may be waiting times at the next tee and the wind will not stop. The challenge is that you easily get the heat when you hit your strokes and move around the field, while quickly getting cold again when getting your game put on standby because the team up front is not keeping pace. The heat vest solves both challenges because a single push of the button can both turn on and off the heat in the vest. This allows you to quickly adjust the heat to the level you need.

The heating vest is made of an exclusive thin material that gives you complete freedom of movement while playing without compromising the heat. In most cases, you can do without your middle layers if you are wearing a heating vest or base layer with built-in heat.

Built-in heating zones

The Nordic Heat clothing works with built-in heating zones that are heated through a small battery in a specially sewn and discreet pocket that is located where it does not bother. From the heating zones, a warm temperature spreads to the rest of the body. The vest, for example, is divided into three heat zones, which consist of thin carbon fibers, woven into the fabric on both the chest and the back. Experience shows that it is precisely these areas that are crucial to our body temperature and well-being. In addition, heat to the chest and back is optimal in terms of spreading heat to the rest of the body. The Nordic Heat range also consists of a two-piece base layer, jackets, soles, gloves and a small hand heater, which also acts as a power bank that can charge your smartphone with power on the go.